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NaijaFreshgraduate started in my final year of university. I had no idea what would come next, so I decided to document my confusion on this blog (read my first post here). Over time though, it has evolved into more than just my online journal.

Here, I talked about NYSC a lot during my service year. You’ll find stories about the corper life along with tips to help you feed well under budget during NYSC, how to curb extravagant spending, save and how to use NYSC to boost employability.

But NYSC is just one year. After that we come into the world of job hunting and attending interviews. That’s why I have also written about interviews and how to job hunt without much stress.

Your CV is an important part of your life now, whether you like it or not. And some of you are entrepreneurs. We’ll cover all these as well with useful resources. Even though I am not an entrepreneur, I happen to know a lot of useful stuff that could help those of you who are. So you’ll be seeing a lot of business ideas and capital-sourcing tips.

Because we grow together, there is also a forum, Graduates’ Rant Book, where we can rant about whatever. From the horrors at your place of work to the wahala you face at home as a jobless graduate, just send them all to me and I will share. Thank you in advance 😉

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Still here? Nice! ’cause here are a few random facts about me:

1. I am a Nigerian graduate, fresh out of the oven (Not so fresh anymore)

2. I look at all the white shirts and shorts I got for 3 weeks NYSC camp and cry at the waste of money. I’m so broke these days.

3. This blog is where I feel the most confident in the world.

4. My love for black monotone is second to none!

5. I believe that the allawee that corpers receive every month is blood money because it behaves that way. Check this post.

6. I dislike norms. Like, if you tell me to write or blog or dress in a particular way because that’s what others do, I probably will not. However, I realized it you push me hard enough, I will succumb to peer pressure as I did with Game of Thrones.

7. I like to record my conversations and listen to them… Just for fun.

8. I am a child of darkness. Bright places, especially at night, are not so comfortable.

9. I have never tasted pizza or Cold Stone ice cream. I am not an ajebutter, sadly.

10. If I had an opportunity to leave Naija, I might never come back.

11. I like to walk into sprayed air freshener.

12. I prefer using wrappers to bathe as opposed to towels.

13. I hate heat. Cold situations are more controllable

14. I don’t like tea. If I absolutely have to take tea, it must be made with ice-cold water. That way, I feel like I’m taking chocolate juice.

15. I am a huge fan of sarcasm.

16. I think Bobrisky is really pretty (or handsome).

17. I am a girl.

Finally, contrary to popular opinion, I am not an anonymous blogger.

I am just The Blogger Who Forgot to Say Her Name!