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You all know already that I am not one to apologize for being absent from this site for long. Life happens. Sometimes, it is just laziness, though, but life happens and you guys know that.

However, I do feel like I owe you guys an update on my life. After all, this blog is first and foremost an online journal before anything else.

The last I said about me was that I was house hunting. I was having clashes with my mother because I needed more time for myself and my work. My mother refused to let me have my way and I was furious. But It turned out that indeed, what an elder sees while sitting, a younger person may not see it while on the tallest palm tree.

I lost my job at that time. If I had attempted to leave, I would have been stuck. I would have been living in a house all by myself with no food to eat because I lost all sources of income almost at the same time. It was a dark time, and it came with other challenges, like my father’s health, that were neither financial or money-related. Some were very emotional.

While I struggled to get back on my feet, I remembered something a friend had told me about. It was an online English tutor job. As at the time he mentioned it to me, I still had my job, so I had not even considered looking at the link he sent. As hunger tear me, no be anybody remember me sey them been send me sontin. So I applied. And I got in. This was in August.

Know this: if you are great with spoken English, you should check google for home-based English tutoring jobs. I know a guy who makes over 250k monthly just teaching people English online in the comfort of his home. I think I will make a post with the best of the platforms soon.

Moving on…

In September, I got a job. It is one that requires me to wear uniforms and black boots and occasionally have to order people around. Not my first choice of jobs, honestly, but half puff puff is better than nothing. I used to complain about having long leg and not being able to use it. I have lost the right to say this anymore. Let he that has understanding understand.

Do you guys remember when my Facebook page was my blog? That happened because while I was in Camp, I could not document the experience as I would have loved to. Well, the universe gave me another chance. I went to camp again, not NYSC, but the fact that I had to buy lots of white shorts and shirts again gave me the permission to tell myself this was camp all over again. I wanted to keep you guys informed, but we were not allowed to be with our phones much. The thing pain me.

For now, Happy new year.

I am a Nigerian graduate documenting the perks and pains of being a graduate without long leg in Nigeria; while also contributing her quota to make the world a better place. Lets be friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You'll find me there as Naijafreshgraduate.


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