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November, Hello

Note: I wrote this post on the first day of November but did not get to put it on here somehow. 

So I have decided to fight my demons and make a post here after many months. So this is me saying, Happy November. But this is the end of this post. Let me go back to the beginning.

I totally want to be pretentious with this post.

Tell tales of everything I have been through in the past months. I want to paint a really sad picture and end the story with how by sheer will and perseverance, I overcame all and am a testimony today. From losing jobs to falling ill and almost losing my father all under a month, I want to make you shed tears of joy at the end of my truly inspiring story.

So, yes. Pretentious is how I want to be with this post.

But that is not possible when you are kind of saying the truth now, is it?

I did lose my job. Then I fell sick. And for someone like me who never really falls sick as in fall sick, that is a big deal. And then, my father was hospitalised for a while too.

Now, I can go ahead and claim that “sheer will and perseverance” is how I scaled through, but that would be a lie from the pit of hell. Truth is, I cried!



Some days were good. I would remind myself that life is a bed of roses, but roses have thorns. And some days were terrible. I would cry and walk around the house like someone whose whole life got carried away by a river. And those were the days I would wish for my life to become one of those movies where the poor girl gets the rich prince and heir to the throne. You know, typical Nollywood style.

So truthfully, I was just lucky.

I was lucky to have information shared with me. And lucky to have someone who knew someone who knew the boss. That is it.

But why am I just coming back here now?

For some weird reason, I love November. Sometimes, I actually wish it was my birth month but it is not and I have to make do with the one I have, which I don’t like much, by the way. So it would be weird to enter this blessed month without cleaning the cobwebs on this blog. So here goes. And that is the beginning of this post.



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