Saving for My Sister: How I Make The Money

The post about how I’m saving for my sister earned me a few titles. Oluchi of IdleHeadBlog said I’m an amazing big sister. And iya mi SimpleNaijaGirl thought it was very thoughtful of me. I don’t know if I deserve any of those compliments sha, because I know I’m not that nice. 🤷‍♀️

But what I am sure it earned me more are questions. I’m quite certain that most of you are wondering how I make enough money to be able to even save for someone else. And you may wonder if I am even saving for myself at all. So I am answering those questions today.

How I Make The Money to be Saving for My Sister

My Day Job

Yep, I have a day job. I am a ghostwriter online and the pay is good. The pay comes in weekly.

Let’s leave it at that and make progress…

Now, every week when my salary arrives, I do some dy/dx to calculate what I need for the week. Each week’s income varies, so each week’s spending varies.

Saving for my sister is automated to be monthly, so I do not bother about it every week. What I bother about every week is the other saving plan I have on Cowrywise: my own savings. I transfer a reasonable amount there. Before I met Cowrywise, I belonged to a weekly saving group where 25 people save 2k each every week and one person packs the lot. I still have not collected mine, I think I am due in August. So I keep praying that I do not hear stories that touch the heart when that time comes because it’s not safe. We can wake up one day and hear that the person has disappeared with our money.

Cowrywise, on the other hand…

…is 100% safe. The interest rate is high, savings are automated and, most amazing of all, you can’t withdraw your money until your due date! And of course, there are no charges whatsoever! Honestly sometimes, I wish they were a bank. All these Nigerian banks are just exploiters that schooled abroad!

Well, as I was saying, I send my 2k there and then move on to other things. I settle bills, like electricity if it’s due, then I set aside miscellaneous money that covers transportation, data and my diet (I’m trying to lose weight).

By the time I am done with all these, nothing much is left and I am pretty much broke until the next Saturday.

As for saving for my sister, I plan for it when the time comes each month. What I save for that every month is #8,500. So I begin to prepare for it in the week that it falls under.

saving for my sister #8500



The next source of income for me is from freelancing. I edit and proofread stuff for people.

There is this friend of mine that always sends me stuff to proofread for him. I never charge him for it because, friendship. One time, he mentioned his subscription on Masterclass and even offered to grant me access if I ever ask. When I finally did, guy ghosted on me. So next time he sends me anything, if he ever does, I am going to ask him to pay me, biko. No time!

As I was saying joh..

My major client is a fellow blogger. Babe is amazing. The last time we did business, she added 1k extra for me because her bank had delayed the money. Don’t you wish your clients were cool like mine?

Another client worth mentioning is a doctor in Zaria. He had sent me his proposal for his Ph.D. program a while back. I had formatted it for him. And he had promised that he was going to send the final work to me when they approved it. He called yesterday and sent it and his work is due on Sunday.

What I love the most about this is the fact that they keep coming back. It just means that I do a good job for them. And I am proud.

I am also on Fiverr, a freelancing site. I’ve only earned $8 from there for graphic designs but that is to be expected because I am not regular on there at all. If you have any skills, photography, writing, graphic design or whatever, I do recommend it for you.

I would have added sponsored posts to this list but I will not because I’ve only had one of those so far and I’m not quite sure when I’ll get the next one.

saving with cowrywise

Other Things I’m Doing

I have applied to Bibo Global. It’s an online teaching platform where you teach English to people from other countries at your own convenient time and get paid for it. It’s legit, so if I pass the interview and they employ me, I’ll be making some extra dollars.

I am also getting this book:

Saving for my sister

I’ll pair it with a couple of online classes on Udemy. This is because I want to learn how to write better. There are things I plan on getting my hands into that will hopefully bring me money.

And finally, I may delve into the sea of YouTube. I tried to do so a few weeks back and got my video taken down immediately because of copyright. It was funny, but I will try again. Shey you people will subscribe and share and be watching my videos, abi?


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