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How I’m Saving For My Sister’s University Education

I was 7 years old when my younger sister was born. I don’t have a great memory because I forget things easily; but I remember that day too clearly for my liking.

It was a Saturday. I remember because my elder sister and brother had gone to church for an all-night service. Even I had wanted to go but my mother had refused because I was too young, and I would only be sleeping anyway.

The following morning, I had woken up to happy noises. So I went and stood by the door of my mother’s room where all the noise was coming from. It took a while for anybody to notice me. But when they did, they all made way for me and asked me to come and look.

Her face was so bright. And I remember thinking, “She’s sooooooo beautiful 😲🙆‍♀️!” With those exact expressions.

I think I liked her. But as she grew, the fine girl became the unbearably stubborn girl. Babe is rude as f**K. And so, so annoying! She is so annoying, I completely forget how to type like a gentle lady when I remember it. It’s that bad, fam. It’s that bad!

But no matter what she does, I still remember that when she was still innocent, I made a promise to myself.

I had calculated our age difference and realized that by the time she would be starting university, I would have finished school and NYSC and would have been working. So I had promised myself that then, I would take her university education upon myself and sponsor it.

I intended to keep that promise, but ….

After my service year, when it seemed like I was not going to land a job any time soon, this is one of the things that devastated me the most. Especially because my mother is the bread winner, butter spreader and tea provider in our home, and everything she does already weighs too much for her. I really, really wanted to help. To keep the promise I had made to myself. And to reduce my mother’s burden so that she has one less thing to worry about.

So when I got my present job, I was quite excited because that meant that I would finally be able to live up to my dream (Yes, fam. That, to me, is a dream). I have 7 bank accounts (don’t even ask me how come. It’s NYSC’s fault) and I was going to pick one to save that fees only.

But it was not easy! You guys, saving is a full time job on its own. The amount of discipline needed to start saving and actually commit to it ehn, no be here. So even though I tried, I failed woefully. I mean, this account is my own. Why wouldn’t I remove money from it when I need it, right?

At this point, I was already telling myself, “Shey I am not this girl’s mother? Besides, apart from me, no one else knows I have had this in mind all these years. Why don’t I just forget this thing? God will understand. And he will provide for my mother, too eventuarry.” Grammar. I speak too much English when I am confused, and I was legit in a state of quagmire. God now decided to pity me.

How I Met A Saving Platform

So, I was a member of a bloggers’ support group created by The Bloggers’ Advocate on Whatsapp. We talked about everything. From blogging to branding, to skincare and beauty to lifestyle and saving. Having bloggers from every niche was helpful, I guess.

So we were talking about saving and how difficult it is to actually get yourself to do it and commit. Apparently I was not alone, we are many with that struggle. Then they started talking about different online saving platforms, comparing them and picking faves. I was not paying any attention at this point, in all honesty. Because I was not interested in stories that will end with can you imagine? Not when we still have memories of MMM and co in our heads. 

But they began to explain and I picked interest in the one they were calling Cowrywise.

If I’m being honest, it was the name that first pricked me. I thought it was poetic and deep, you know, be wise with your cowries. So I went to do my own research.

Let me break it down for you in English that I can understand.

Basically, Cowrywise is an online saving platform. They are committed to building the next generation of wealthy Africans. But how can you become rich when you finish all your money before it even arrives like me? That’s why they provide you with a way to plan your finances through automated savings and micro investments. And because it takes more than just saving money to build wealth, they offer great financial advice that’s very easy to understand. What’s more, they have the best interest rate out there. Where will you find 10-15% annual interest rate, biko? I think even banks offer just around 4% or so.

Anyways. I have just given you the reason I chose Cowrywise. I was excited when I found out that you can actually lock your savings until a particular time. That way, you no fit touch the thing, no matter wetin happen. I was stoked, guys. Because someone like me, that is exactly what I need.

I downloaded the app from Google Play Store. Apple users, it’s also available on your store.

My Experience Saving with Cowrywise

The app is cool and easy to navigate. It’s also nicely illustrated. But at first, I did not like the fact that I had to provide a password to access the app every single time! Like, if you were on the app and had to minimize it for a while, you’d have to type in your password again before you can enter. 

Now, it’s got a nice fingerprint unlock that I really like.

saving on cowrywise with fingerprint app

Different Saving Plans:

There are different plans. You could decide to save weekly or monthly or even daily. What’s more, you can name your savings and have multiple ones running at the same time. Presently, I only have one plan: Sis’s School fees. But I intend to add one more: Leave Naija Stash. 🙄

Polite Reminders:

So the first time I was supposed to save, There wasn’t enough money in my account (I set up a fixed amount for every month). So they sent me a polite but firm message like this:

Saving failed from cowrywise

As soon as I got the money, I added it because it looked like they would appear in front of me with koboko.

High Interest Rate:

Overall, the most exciting thing for me with Cowrywise is the interest rate. You guys, I have gotten extra #30! It’s really exciting for me, honestly.

You may be looking at me with side eye wondering what is stopping this from turning into another case of MMM. Me sef, I think am… I no go lie.


Well, Cowrywise partners with Meristem Trustees, a bunch of tough guys that you can trust your assets with and be able to sleep with two eyes closed at night. And, they have a nice office in Lagos, if that makes you feel any better.

Halal Saving:

For those of you who would rather not receive any interest, this is an option for you. It’s a no-interest savings plan, so what you save is what you get. But please, if you want to do this, just save with interest and give me the #30 on top. I will thank you very well!

So there. Everything you need to begin to plan for a glorious future. My name is NFG, and I’d love to see you prosper. So help yourself and start saving now!

I am a Nigerian graduate documenting the perks and pains of being a graduate without long leg in Nigeria; while also contributing her quota to make the world a better place. Lets be friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You'll find me there as Naijafreshgraduate.


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