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I have always wanted to live alone but…

I have always wanted to live alone. So one time, I asked my mother if she would allow me to go live alone. She looked at me, the way mothers do when they believe you just said something stupid and they can’t believe you are their child. Then she said never. From her house to my husband’s house. That’s the formula. Then I asked, what if I got a job in some place, like Lagos, for example. She said, then there might be a compromise.

i have always wanted to live alone
But I have changed a lot since school. And now, I feel like I NEED to stay alone. I want to experience the freedom that comes with choosing what I do every single day. I want to decide what to eat and if I should spend the weekend at my place or a friend’s. I want to have fights with my yard people and hate the landlord for not allowing me to fetch water from the well in the middle of the compound. I want to pay NEPA bill and shout at them for collecting my money without bringing light. You know… take care of myself.
I have never lived alone. When I was in school, that was my chance, but I hated the idea of being off-k. There was the issue of light and water to consider. And then I thought that that was not entirely safe, as well. So yeah, I really want to live alone.
In my desperation, I might just write a fake letter of employment with housing benefits o. Since it’s the only hope I have. I’ll write in the letter that I have been given a job and an official house someplace not close to home. Then if I get tired of being a big girl, I’ll go back home and say they sacked me. Prodigal daughter ke… Simple 🀷


You see, I made this post earlier on instagram. If you were following, you’d see. 🀷


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  • Tee-girl

    Seriously, it’s fun living alone in that apartment, and that’s an experience I would recommend before marriage. The feeling of being in charge of food, money, visitors and the privacy are all over whelming! And I noticed that when you live alone, you are more flexible with your goals because no one is blocking your way with some distractions, plus you really get disciplined with spending and all that. And no one can disturb your sleep, just you. But you know what? You’ll be bored some times, while Some times all you’ll want to do is just go back to your house where you’ll be in peace.
    I’m encouraging you to tryπŸ’•

  • simplenaijagirl

    Lol you all are funny with these comments. You already know how I feel about it….it’s a good idea if you have unlimited funds. Otherwise, take the free rent with your mom, and save your money or invest in somewhere for your future.


    God will deliver you from this your ‘lustings’.
    But I actually think leaving alone is a good idea, it makes you understand that Nigeria is not as beautiful as your parents make it seem and with that knowledge you brace up…plus I think it’s fun. Forget about getting bored, I’m in my parents house with my siblings and I’m bored most of the time so…

    I pray you get a chance to try it out even if it’s for a month.

  • Barbb'sblog

    πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚… The first paragraph sounds funny and familiar. You were actually in my world. But that’s life for you.. When u just sick and tired of the present stage of your and want to move to the next level… Bt sure living alone would be perfect bt still we will fight for the next stage sooner than we expect.
    Lovely one

    • Naijafreshgraduate

      Lol… well, nobody is supposed to be comfortable where they are for too long. We all always want to move to the next level.

      I am still planning my strategy small small. Let’s see how it goes.

      Thank you so much for stopping by 😊😊

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