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Why and How I Resigned from My Teaching Job

On the day that I got my teaching job, the Director’s wife asked me a question before I left the office after the interview.

She said,

How long do you intend to stay with us?

I said,

I am not running away soon.

Now, when I got the job from LinkedIn and realized that I will have to quit the teaching job in order to do well at the new job, this question is what kept tugging at my conscience. It is why I delayed quitting till now.

And my conscience is a very wicked something! It did not allow me drink water and put the cup on the table in peace! I was so worried, I literally felt like I had betrayed my own family.

Why I resigned

Ok see, I was paid 25k per month at the teaching job. At the new job, depending on how hard I work, it’s possible to make over 75k in a month. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

laptop photo how i resigned
I named her Zoe. Because with her a new life begins.

This laptop, Zoe is her name, is brand new and it cost me 90k. And guess what, most of that money came from my new job in the space of one month!

I am not kidding!

With your church mind, would you advice me to still remain at my old job?

I had a few people who advised me to keep both jobs. And I tried. The whole of January was me trying. But I honestly could not keep that up because I would come back from work so tired and would not be able to do anything at all and frankly, the new job requires a lot of brain work. It was affecting my productivity. As a result, I had to cut it off.

And did I add that I absolutely love my new job? Well I do. And I could never thank LinkedIn enough!

I have digressed for too long. Back to the issue of resigning.

What I wanted was how to resign and not burn any bridges or come off as being a jerk. I did not want a situation where I would leave and not have the freedom to come visit at will or have negative testimonies flying around. In addition, I absolutely wanted to be paid too. I was not about to do anything that would sabotage that. So I knew I had to be diplomatic about the whole thing.

How I resigned

I lied.

Yo! I had to. There was absolutely no way I was going to tell them the truth because that would be a disaster! How would that even sound?

Ehm… sorry guys, but I am leaving you guys because I got a better job that pays way better. I hope you find a better teacher someday. Be safe. Peace.

Ugh! That sounds like a wicked lover jilting somebody’s child.

So I lied.

I wouldn’t say what I told them, in case someone stumbles upon this blog someday. I lied. Simple.

How I resigned may not be a model, but it served the purpose: to leave in the best way possible without causing harm to my relationship with my employers. And while I thought about the best way to leave in peace, I browsed a few sites. Most sites will tell you the same thing as well. That it is always best to leave a good story behind because that way, if you ever apply someplace and they reached out to your former employers, there would be a good word to put in for you. Unless, of course, your former employer is a jerk and deliberately tries to sabotage your chances with lies about you.

How it turned out

I was good enough to notify them of my intention to leave well ahead of time before I even wrote the resignation letter. However, it did not do much in the area of the effects it had on them. They were distraught.

Perhaps it is because I was such a good teacher. Or I was a great staff. Maybe it is just because of the things a did. You know, I became the official photographer of the school with just my phone! In addition, I was the school’s social media manager and I introduced debates too.

They were unhappy, but they took it well. In their words, “This is good news. It’s just that it affects us negatively.”

So in the end, I kept my relationship with the school management (very important), and I transitioned quite smoothly into the new job.

However, I am not advising anyone to follow the pattern of how I resigned because, as I said before, it is not necessarily the best alternative there is. Granted, it has its perks. But it could blow in your face, as well.

So, no. In this regard, do not be like me!

I am a Nigerian graduate documenting the perks and pains of being a graduate without long leg in Nigeria; while also contributing her quota to make the world a better place. Lets be friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You'll find me there as Naijafreshgraduate.


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