Why I Bless the Day I Joined LinkedIn

I do not know where to begin. Should I start from the fact that I just received November’s salary a few days ago, in January? Or from the fact that I experienced major setbacks and major growths that have kept me wondering what God is up to?

I don’t know. But I know that I must tell you why the day I joined LinkedIn will always be remembered as blessed!


December was hell! Like I said earlier, I did not receive November’s salary until a few days ago. So you can imagine how it was for me, going through December as a penniless, temporarily jobless human being. This is one of the reasons why I was absent both here and on Instagram. What hurt the most was that, it was December for heaven’s sake! December!

This is why I always tell you people not to be like me. Get a side hustle. Learn a skill. Be an entrepreneur if it is one of your callings. But DO NOT be one to easily be a broke ass like me. DO NOT!

But you know, no matter how bad things get, they can never really get too bad.

How I survived

Just when I had begun to think that I was going to have the most terrible Christmas ever, something good happened.

I have a friend who is a doctor in one of the teaching hospitals in Nigeria. I had proofread his thesis proposal a while back and his feedback was great.

Yeah, I’m good like that.

One day, he called and asked if I was willing to take on a friend of his, another doctor, who wanted to do formatting for his dissertation. I immediately said yes. I was almost like, what are you saying? Why would’t I want to take up his job? Wo, I was born formatting. If you even bring your brain, I can format it for you!

No. I didn’t say any of that. I am a good girl, remember?

Anyway, I began communicating with the man and eventually finished his work with which he was very satisfied. And then he paid me my money.

That was the beginning of a beautiful December!

I say that because that money kept me afloat for quite a while. Without it, I honestly don’t know what would have happened.

…And there was light!

When I thought December could not get any better, something really amazing happened.

About two days before Christmas, I received a call. I was handling an emergency at the time and so I wanted to ignore the call. But then I saw that it was a foreign number. Foreign number, people of God! So I picked.


Long story short, it was a job offer from someone who found me on LinkedIn!

No be lie, I do bless the day I joined LinkedIn.

Funny thing is, I do not remember anything about the day I joined LinkedIn. I have no idea what made me sign up but whatever it was, I am grateful for it.

Well, the job turned out to be this really great gig that allows me to make times two of what I was making from my temporary teaching job.

Now you know that I did not call it a temporary teaching job for nothing. I knew I couldn’t get the type of satisfaction I need on a long-term basis. This is not to say that I do not enjoy the job presently because I do. However, possibilities of leaving are high. Very high!

Moral of the story

First and foremost, life is not all about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Get LinkedIn in your life as soon as possible! The truth of the matter is that prior to now, I know the kind of people that being on LinkedIn has allowed me to meet. With that app, the possibilities are really endless. If you want to know more, because I cannot come and start typing it out for you here, please read this post about LinkedIn on Forbes.

Secondly, I have said it before but I will say it again: get a side hustle!

You have to get something. But if you are like me who knows that entrepreneurship is not my calling, there must still be something you are good at that can be monetized. For me, it’s my writing and editing skills. I am also on Fiverr and I have a few gigs that include graphics which, funny enough, I do on Canva.

So yeah. Get a side hustle!

I’ll leave it at that!

I am a Nigerian graduate documenting the perks and pains of being a graduate without long leg in Nigeria; while also contributing her quota to make the world a better place. Lets be friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You'll find me there as Naijafreshgraduate.


  • Amaka

    Running to join Linkedin and upload fine picture so I’ll look serious! I was just reading your post at the edge of my seat lol, so happy for you! Just imagine the power of the internet – see how you got an offer paying you TWICE the amount you get paid at your PHYSICAL job! Ah, people who don’t know how to use the internet to their advantage are playing themselves o. Also, I see a definite side hustle in your proofreading and formatting – please start making graphics sharp sharp and bombarding them with the advertisement on Whatsapp lol. So happy for you, honestly. Things are looking good (I see a shawarma in your future somewhere, and a skirt that won’t tear)! Welcome back to the blog!

    • Naijafreshgraduate

      Ah, Amaka, I see weekly shawarma o…hehehe…

      I am having returning clients in the proofreading and formatting thing. The way things are going smooth, I am just wondering what God is up to, honestly.

      I am glad I am back to the blog and I have Alice’s assignment to thank for it. Unfortunately, I could not submit.

      Thank you so much, Amaka for the constant support.

      As for your joining LinkedIn, I believe you should, really. You would make amazing connections and get great clients, too. Goodluck, boo.

  • Lillian B

    I’m so happy for you dear, even entrepreneurs go broke a times, so everyone of us needs a side job to add up, you see, it’s pays to be serious online, congratsπŸ’•

    • Naijafreshgraduate

      Please be as active as you can. Search for and follow major companies and brands. You will be one of the first to see when there are vacancies and, based on the kind of searches you conduct, they would send you job suggestions as well. I wish you the very best!

  • Matty

    Congratulations dearie…God bless our hustle. Plus I’m very sorry about wah happened the last time babe…been soo busy, I’ll am or call you to explain better!

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