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How to Get Job Alerts Straight from Google

Almost every Nigerian graduate struggles with the hassle that comes with job hunting. Yes, I said almost because let’s face it, some people have these things handed to them on platters of diamonds. Most of us are not that lucky, some even have long leg that they cannot use, so we look, search, hunt, pursue and dig for jobs in any way that we can. So we spend hours on google looking for job vacancies.

When I started job hunting, I signed up on every Nigerian job and career site you can think of. I even made it a habit to check these sites on a daily, wait what am I saying, hourly basis. But between keeping up with all the WordPress emails and everything else, I missed almost every email notification they sent.

Thankfully, however, I found a more convenient way to get job updates without stress. So in this post, I’m going to be sharing with you how to get job alerts, from different sites by the way, in one single email from Google. Ready? Let’s go!

Google Alerts

There is something on Google called Google Alerts. This is simply a notification service that sends new results to users who have set up a search term to receive updates on via email. So if, for example, I set up alerts for the term Nigerian Idols, Google will send me an email with every new result on google about my search terms, whether the term appeared on a blog, online newspaper or whatever. Now you see why you get notifications from different sites in one email, yeah?

Now that you know what google alerts are, let’s set up ours shall we?

‍Create Google Alerts

First of all, you need to go to Google Alerts. There’s a box at the top and you should enter the topic you want to follow there.

Get job alerts from google

Sort of like this:

Get job alerts from google
Do you see my search term? You could rephrase it anyhow you want.

Now, you see the blue drop-down titled show options? Click on it. This will enable you to change your settings so that you can choose how often you get notifications, the type of sites you want notifications from, how many results you want to see, your preferred country, your language and which account you want the notifications to be sent to.

Get job alerts from google

For versatility, I advise you to choose automatic in the field for sources, that way, you get notifications from anywhere. You could also choose to receive your notifications as-it-happens or even weekly, but I prefer to receive mine daily.

When you have edited everything according to your preference, simply click Create Alert and you’re done!

Edit Alerts

It’s possible to change your mind about any of the options. To edit, go to google alerts and next to an alert, click Edit Edit then click Show options and make any change you want to make. Click Update alert to save and that’s it.

I get my emails on a daily basis as I’ve earlier said. Here is what it looks like:

Job alerts from google

When opened it looks like this:

Job alerts from google

If, however, you want to delete an alert, simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.

Get Job alerts from google

That’s pretty much how to get job alerts from google. If you have any questions, leave it in the comment section and I’ll try my best to answer.


I am a Nigerian graduate documenting the perks and pains of being a graduate without long leg in Nigeria; while also contributing her quota to make the world a better place. Lets be friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You'll find me there as Naijafreshgraduate.

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