When My Facebook Page was My Blog

I started blogging in 2016, a few months before I finished school. It was my last semester and we were in the last weeks before the final exams. I had a laptop and that was what I used to begin blogging. My phone was a miserable Blackberry torch2. I call it miserable because I couldn’t do much with it, really. And as the devil would have it, my laptop began to misbehave as well. So by the time I was done with school and back home, I was without a laptop and so I couldn’t continue blogging on here and I couldn’t use my dead Blackberry either because somehow, some essential keys stopped working and browsing became almost impossible.

A lot was happening and I had to figure out a way to keep writing. So, I turned to my facebook page. I shared what I would normally have shared on the blog, most times more briefly than a blog post would have been. So the period between my homecoming and NYSC camp was not really well-documented.

Today, I’ve decided to share what happened in between. Bon appetite!

It was an honest question. You know what the word clueless means? That’s what one becomes after school, at least in my case, it was. You just wonder what to do with all the time on your hands, you know. For people who have their lives all figured out, it’s easy; but for people who do not, like me, it’s beyond frustrating! I just really wanted to know, “What next?”

OK. I think this one says it all… 😁

This happened at my popcorn stand. People of God, I cannot count how many married men were on top my matter. I was so shocked!

Unfortunately, I’ve seen and heard of many cases like this. You want a full grown adult to depend on you for everything yet you do the giving grudgingly. Insecurity will not kill us in Jesus’ name!

These are munched screens of NYSC registration timetable for prospective Corp members. I was so freaking excited! After 5 months at home, it was expected, I think. 😆

Lol… I can’t remember what provoked me, honestly. And I think my thoughts were all over the place. But, I do wish I’d take some of the advice this post is giving me right now.

I think I just found Naija facebook English and was basking in its goodness. I actually called people ‘freshies’. 😁

I meant mobilization list. It’s the list of names of graduates who are qualified and so have been mobilized to go for NYSC. The list is released by your school and when you find your name on it, the joy is like gaining admission all over again!

Anyways, I never made it to the audition because I lost my senior dad. It was sad, but that was that. Maybe some other time.

I met Omawunmi, Francis Duru, Darey, Kaffi (the dancer), and T-mix. It was at a talent hunt, GCGT, where I’d taken a sibling. We made it to quarter finals though.

I’m not sure I need to say any more 🙄

If NYSC had ears! 😂

And y’all know it was Anambra I was posted. And Anambra was kind, until they pointed a gun in my face…!

This happened in NYSC camp. This is what I regret the most about not having a phone when I was in camp, that I could not document camp as much as I wanted. I had hoped that it would be very detailed documentation but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. Some would ask why I didn’t use the blackberry maximally. Answer is, I tried. But with its shity battery and inability to do much anyway, I was trapped. And camp doesn’t really give you time for yourself, so 🤷

Have I mentioned that I was my platoon commander? Lol… Well, yes I was. I commanded us to second place among all ten platoons and we were given 5k and a trophy, much later in the camp. Yes, I was that good 😎. But I digress, there was this guy in my platoon that was head over heels in something with me. It was crazy, but he was a temptation. This post was about him.

Most likely you’ve heard the myths of being posted to town and not a village. I might make a post about this someday (let me know if you’d like to see it in the comments) but personally, I’m a believer in those myths. It worked for me! Well, this was me struggling not to be posted to one village like that. OBS means Orientation Broadcasting Service. It’s a radio station for orientation camps. I worked as a corespondent and newscaster. You should have heard my voice on air 😍.

Hey God! 🙆 Who taught me this type of English biko? ‘I have to awake by 3am?’ NFG, what 👏 happened 👏 to 👏 the 👏 ‘n’ 👏 at 👏 the 👏 back?

Up till now, I have not seen a soldier man as freaking handsome as our camp commandant! Jeez! That man was made on a Monday! Unfortunately, he’s one of those I’m-fine-and-I-know-it men that don’t used to hear word. Those camp girls suffered 😁

Like I said, I was a believer in those NYSC myths. I did not want to put all my eggs in one basket, so I joined as many agencies as I could. It paid off for me!

I was out of camp by now and was constantly making posts on the blog. I had been gifted a new phone a few days before the end of camp by my significant other. It turned out that I was posted to a nice place in a town, along with Enyi, another girl that was in OBS as well. I didn’t know this at first, though. Read this post about the day I received my posting to understand. But this was my first post after the new phone.

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