When You Feel You’re Left Behind…

When you feel you’re left behind, FLY

I feel a bit down today.

A few days ago, one of my friends from university chatted me up. This was the short exchange 👇

When You Feel You're Left Behind

Her family just recently got an elevation and I know she can afford it right now. So I told her to go.

This afternoon, I was in grade 4, teaching them the use of modal auxiliaries (I know many of you don’t even know what this means. So allow me to use it to pepper you. Thank you) when I received a call. It was another of my university friends. I had uploaded something on my WhatsApp status, a simple I miss you addressed to no one and she replied with an I miss you too after which she called me. Apparently, she is in our Alma mater, trying to register for her masters. She said she saw some of our mates who started last year and are rounding up already, but she’s not sure she can continue in our department because of the class of degree she graduated with and then asked me if I’m coming this year.

I told her I’m not sure because I don’t have the means to just yet. She complained that she was bored staying home all day, doing nothing so she was going to register, possibly in another department since her class of degree won’t allow her to continue in our former department. I told her to call the other friend that called me earlier since she was interested, maybe both of them would go through the process together.

This same thing happened last year when some of my mates registered for their masters. One even told me that if I had told him that I did not have the money earlier, he would have helped me out.

But then, oh well… 🤷

I want to go for my masters (I’ve talked about this before) but I have to take it slow because I’ll be doing it all on my own. I’m also advising myself not to get carried away or feel too bad because we all have different paths in life. Right now, I’m a teacher and honestly, I’m enjoying it. They say life na turn by turn. And even though I feel like I should be somewhere else (in this case, one university doing masters), I believe there’s a reason why I’m where I’m at right now. Definitely! Besides, every time I imagine myself doing masters, I don’t see myself in Naija. I have big dreams o…

What to do when you feel you’re left behind?

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’ll keep busy with preparing myself and my kids for this spelling bee competition coming in November.

When You Feel You're Left Behind

If you don’t know the meanings of these words, hide ya face 🙈




Update: 18/9/2018

This comment by 1nigeriangirl got to me greatly. So I thought to share, in case anyone else feels like us:

My dear, coming from someone who has almost lost interest in the Nigerian educational sector; believe me, life is turn by turn. I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford masters when I graduate. Like you, I see myself doing it on my own. So most times I ask myself, is it worth it. Right now, my mind is focused on making money tbh. What’s the guarantee that a degree can do that? A lot of people have several degrees and are jobless or earn a little above minimum wage.

My dear, focus on your struggle. Believe me, I know how it feels to not move with your mates because my secondary school set is serving or done with Nysc while I’m in school with my junior brother’s set. So I know. I used to be bothered. But now I’m not because there are things I know now that I wouldn’t have if I had rushed.

My dear, believe in your self, good things are coming… Even when you feel you’re left behind.



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