Nwa Teacher Chronicles: I’ve Got a Crusher!

So this little, pretty girl in grade two has a massive crush on me. OK, OK… not crush crush, but I noticed earlier this week that she smiles at me whenever our eyes meet and is always quick to greet me. I didn’t think anything of it until three days ago when she came to me and asked for my number. When I asked why, she said her mother asked her to collect it. I asked why her mother asked her to collect it and she said because she told her mother about me.

Now, I don’t teach her class. It’s the closest to mine, but I only pass through, so we’ve never had any contact.

Anyways, I thought it was just one of those childish things so I asked her to remind me the following day, thinking she would have forgotten by then. How wrong I was!

Because yesterday, first thing after she said good morning miss NFG was, “The number” with a charming smile. I asked her to bring a piece of paper and a pencil, then I wrote the number for her. And thought, “OK, this girl can allow me to rest now.”

But later in the evening, I saw a missed call from a strange number. Initially, I thought it was one of my church people (because we are planning a program and my line has been busy with calls about planning and stuff) so I called back immediately.

The voice on the other side didn’t even know who was speaking.

“I saw a missed call from this number.”

“Oh… Are you from so and so school?”

“Yes, ma.”

“It must have been my daughter. She said I should call you, that you talk like me. I didn’t even know she called.”

A-ha! So that was it, the girl thought I sounded so much like her mother and wanted us to meet. Lol… These scheming kids!

Anyways… This week was good. As in good… Because they finally asked for my account details!

Yes… Because I’ve been working for two months now. Can someone please explain how today is the 15th? I am not understanding!

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