Nwa Teacher chronicles: What do I do with My Naughty Kids o?

So, as you all know, last week was my first on the job and it was good, really. My skirt split, though, and I was forced to use one other one with spoilt zip (because when I tried to patch the split skirt myself, I realised I couldn’t) and so all the clothes I wore last week and today had to cover the zip and I couldn’t tuck in either.

But then, I have fun while teaching the kids, except when they want to be naughty. Like today, when one of my girls said during lunch, “The meat in my food is so much. Miss NFG, please come and help me finish this meat!” I looked at her, this girl should not allow then to use her against me this afternoon o; or when they set me up the other day with wrong names.
So, this morning, because I wanted to teach them sounds and I wanted to show them a video online, I went to ask that the generator be put on so that I could charge my dead phone. When I came back, the children were whispering something to each other and laughing. I watched them, without their knowledge, and when they were done, I asked them to come and tell me what was so funny. The first boy didn’t say anything but confessed that it was the girl that told him in the first place. I called her to come and do the talking, that is how she started crying (it was even the same girl that asked me to come and eat meat), she couldn’t talk. So I called another boy and he told me that she said the girl on the plastic Fanta has breasts.👇

So, in her small mind, those things are breasts? 😂

Annoyed at him for ratting her out, the girl now said that when I went out, he drew something on his book and told them that it was breasts.

That thing doesn’t even look like breasts, maybe if turned upside down, but he assured me this was the right way to hold it.


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