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Now That I Am A Former Corper: Adjusting Into The Graduate Life

Since I came back home, things have changed. You know, I always had it in mind that things would change when I finished school, but I never thought it would be this… Overwhelming. As a jobless human, they have given me new roles at home and my worries have evolved into a journey of uncertainty. Allow me to elaborate.

Unofficial House Help And Cook

That is what I am at home now. Unofficial because this comes with no benefits whatsoever. I get the cooking part. I mean, I do not expect my mother to be the one in the kitchen when I am home, like I see them do in American movies, but the househelp part is a whole new ball game. These days, my little sister has the nerves to wake up late. This means she will not do the dishes before leaving for school, because she would be late. And my mother, would not be bothered to bother her because she knows I am there to do it. We all know how this works in Nigeria, the dishes are the job of the youngest member of the family. So there was a time when it was my job. I did it and graduated. Why demote me? Why?

So I came up with my own defense mechanism: I wake her up by 5am every morning… enough time for her to do the dishes, cook her lunch, prepare for school, and even chill before her bus arrives. And everybody is happy.

Our house has many trees, it looks like a garden in fine weathers. The green is so beautiful BUT… It means there are dried, yellow and brown leaves on the ground everyday! And the compound is big! You already know who sweeps it now.

It’s the season of the rains and while this means farmers get to farm, it also means moppers get to mop… thrice as much as is required in the dry season. And boy do I hate mopping! But I have no choice: my room, the kitchen and it’s verandah (the kitchen is a separate building outside the main house), the living room and Co. My waist dey hear am!

To not make this post longer than necessary, I’ll stop here. It’s exhausting but I console myself with the thought that this is all training aimed at increasing my wife-materialness.

Jobless Job Hunter

I have submitted my CV uncountable times now. I apply for everything under the sun but I have attended only two interviews. I will write about this in detail in a later post, but let me say this: job hunting is terrible! Is it the I-hope-I-get-called-for-this-interview feeling that pricks your heart every minute after you have sent your CV somewhere; or the what-did-I-do-wrong feeling that accompanies you home and torments you in your dreams after an interview you just had? Sigh… I am trying, and I won’t stop. But for now, I’ll channel all this energy into something of my own. Let’s see how it goes.

Struggling Blogger

Like I said earlier, I am really trying to get self hosted. The firststep was trying to find a good web host. I settled for Namecheap but had to change my mind because I did not have a domiciliary account. A friend offered to allow me use his own but I bailed when I learnt I have to go to Zone 4 to convert the money to dollars before he can deposit it into his account. Frankly, I do not have that kind of money to go to Zone 4. I have to pick a Nigerian hosting company and honestly I have been having a hard time picking one. Please, if you had to use a Nigerian web hosting company, which would you settle for?

Lazy Nigerian Youth

So in this post, I rambled about how my father refused to help me further with school. I have thought about it alot and have decided that I am just being a lazy Nigerian youth. I mean, what if he was not here? Or what if he were willing but didn’t have the means to? So I have decided that I will work hard and put myself through school, not every time to be waiting to be fed.

I am looking for nice places here in Abuja where they teach languages. I want to learn a foreign language. I like how Spanish rolls on the tongue, but German feels tough and gives the feeling of one in control, and Chinese always makes me laugh. There are other languages so I am confused. Which do I pick?

Scared NaijaFreshGraduate

I have fears. But don’t we all? I worry about the future. But I think that is normal too. So I am taking everyday, one step at a time. Because everything will fall in place in its own time, and because God still rewards hardwork.

I may not have it all figured out now, but las las, I go dey alright.


  • Atinuke

    Loved reading this? Why? It’s like I’m reading about myself! This is my situation too and trust me, you’re not alone.
    When you’re home with them, it’s just like you have come to work with no pay. Having 2 younger sisters at home still doesn’t stop my mom from calling me for some petty work.
    About employment, it’s more like its “connection” that works these days. Most times, you’d wonder how someone got a position and not you (because you can more to offer), but this is Nigeria.
    About the blog, I’m working on getting a self hosted one too, but I can’t recommend a Nigerian hosting now because the one has some serious issues (blogs getting suspended anyhow)
    My dear, we will all be fine. Patience is key. Like they say, good things take time but don’t desist from your efforts.

    • NaijaFreshGraduate

      The housework thing is so annoying, but what can we do?

      It’s true that connection is what works in Nigeria these days. If you do not know someone who knows someone who knows the boss, you are on your own. I sha know God… 😁😁
      We’ll be fine in the end

  • heygirl

    Big L O L @moppers get to mop and wife material mess. About that interview part, I get you and I can really relate. The kind of sadness that comes when you don’t receive a call weeks later is hard to recover from, honestly.
    I don’t know about any Nigerian hosting service, but have you heard about Gigalayer? I heard it’s really good and affordable! Abeg, do and go self-hosted, you’re doing great things. I’m going self-hosted too on October, lemme use you and do experiment n follow your footsteps😂
    About the languages, I’ve always loved French! When I was in 300 level, I could speak it fluently but because I didn’t practice and didn’t speak it everyday, I forgot most part of it. I’m planning to take classes online soon tho lol.
    Apart from being really funny, this post came at the right time. I was having a conversation with my bestfriend last night on whatsapp, telling him about how scared I am of finishing service and sitting at home doing nothing. He spoke some fire encouraging words to me that made me calm down and I even want to write a blog post about it soon.
    Dear writer of, you’re doing your best and you ‘cannot come and go and kill yourself’. I know you’ve heard it several times but I’d like to reiterate, maybe someone else would read this. You have God and all these worries would bring nothing but stress and bad health. Like you said, ” everything will fall into place in its own time”. He is the reason you’ve come this far and he’ll also take you to where you’re meant to be.
    Like Brian Tracy said,
    “The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire, not things we fear.”
    Go girl, God’s got you! 💕

    • NaijaFreshGraduate

      😢😢😢 this is sooooo sweet. Thanks girl.

      I’ve not really checked Giglayer out. I’ll do that right away. I’ll also try to post about my experiences with the self hosted life. I pray it’s as heavenly as they make it sound.

      French is so exotic. But I feel like there are already so many people who know French. I wanted something less common. I hear it’s good for business 😁😁.

      Thank you so much, sweetie for these words of encouragement. God bless you 😘😘

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