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Reflections of an about-to-be Former Corper: Receiving My Last Allawee

The time is 5:57am.

Today is the D-day. And yesterday , I received my last alert from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

A total sum of #41,100 comprising allawee for both April and May.


My people, when this alert came in, I was not excited about it, just as news of my passing out only makes me reflect. No excitement whatever. People that passed out since, it this how it was doing you? Or am I just abnormal?


Anyways, as I was saying, I stared hard at my phone when this alert came in. It dawned on me, that this is the last time I’ll be receiving money for allawee. Like, I’m actually really done serving! As in, I’m now completely on my own. I’m now fully in the favour labour market.

The realization, though fleeting, was deep and somewhat paralysing. And Miracle (my CDS Vice President) didn’t make things any better. She went about asking people what their next plans are. I was the first one she asked.

“All I need right now is a laptop,” I said looking beyond her to nothing in particular. I could see by the expression on her face that she did not understand. I didn’t want to explain but Miracle is not one to give up so easily.

“I don’t understand, you want to be a typist?” she asked already laughing.

“Don’t say typist, it makes it sound like a serious job. But yes, I’ll be writing.”

“Will it bring money?” she teased, batting her lashes like a cute puppy.

And then I just looked. Because I honestly do not know if blogging is my calling because, my people, the ministry is not moving!


This 41k is a blessing to me. I intend to buy a laptop with it. If my blog is to grow, I need it. But the money is not enough and I have no idea where the rest is coming from. Las las, I go dey alright.

On a lighter note, I fixed my nails yesterday in preparation for today. Lol… It is news because I normally don’t do that. I wanted to fix lashes too but I felt like it would be too much, so no.

I’ll be leaving Karu for Lafia by 7am this morning. Hopefully we’ll be there by 10am.




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