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I am Passing Out Next Week

I’m really passing out next week. It was supposed to be 23rd but for some reason it’s coming earlier. I’m like, when did I start sef?

NYSC passing out

How did one year fly so fast?

Two days ago, I was at Keffi for the finale of the Job Awareness and Creation (JAC) week that began on 28th March (It is on the long list of events preceeding our passing out on Thursday 12th April).



It promised to sensitise Corp members on job creation/opportunities. I sha feel like it was more of a lecture on how to write good CVs, impress interviewers and stand out among other applicants. I learnt a lot, though. Like how my social media accounts should contain some form of professionalism for the sakes of background checks. Thankfully, it already does.

I have some bothers about what next week holds for me. But I’ll save it for now and just rant.

First of all, SAED, the NYSC program that encourages corps members to acquire entrepreneurial skills, is compulsory in the local government where I served (jeez! I can’t believe I’ll soon have to say served instead of serve or serving). There is this tally that your instructor is supposed to give you at the end of every month without which you can not be cleared for your monthly allowance.

It was not so when I was in Anambra and it is not so in other local governments. The intention of the program is good, in fact, it is a remedy to the unemployment issues in Nigeria. At least it gives graduates the opportunity to be self employed. However, making it compulsory for corps members is unfair. Truth is, some corps members already have skills. They are amazing fashion designers or bakers or photographers. But because they are required to provide these tallies before they can be cleared, they have to pay for these trainings which some of them never attend. Is that not a waste of money that we do not even have? It’s not fair.

I redeployed after six months of service in Anambra. I had six months left but when I came, I had to pay what everyone else paid: the full amount to learn shoemaking for one year.

Secondly, I don’t understand why our state allowance has not been paid. Please, if you read this and you know someone that knows someone that knows someone, tell them that that money is our sweat. Their children don’t need it but we do.




PS: I’m sorry I have been away for long. I was busy. I was the maid of honour at a wedding so I was so busy for almost two weeks because of the wedding. After the wedding was over, I fell sick. I’m still recovering.

I owe you gist!


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