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I just came across something I wrote many years ago. I’ve been laughing nonstop and I honestly can’t believe I wrote that because it’s an eyesore! Like, who writes “Daphne now rose up and went to shit because the thing was worrying her too much”?

This is something I wrote over 8 years ago. I used to write a lot, though I think I was always a better singer. And one of my earliest best-things-to-do was reading and so what little I know how to write, I know because I read. But writing was never something that came naturally to me. I had to make conscious efforts to write and I still do, especially now that I’m a blogger. Like, who is a blogger without writing?

Many people think writing is easy but it’s not. It’s, in fact, one of the most difficult things to do. That is why I do not feel comfortable addressing myself as a writer, because, I no reach; and also why I take every opportunity I see that could make me a better writer: I read books, listen to creative talks and attend classes… because you can never do too much when it comes to writing. That’s why I was so disappointed when my former boss sabotaged my efforts to be in Eketi’s writing class.

Anyway, I’ve been opportune to be in other writing and content creation classes which have proven to be invaluable and have helped the evolution of my writing on this blog. My favorite is the content creation classes organised by The Bloggers’ Advocate, a platform interested in building great bloggers by helping them create great contents for their blogs while also supporting them in every possible way.

Image is a screenshot from @thebloggersadvocate on Instagram

I think I have a good blog, but I’m ready to invest in making it a great blog. So even though I’ve been in their content creation classes before, I’m registering for another class coming up this month. I’m very interested in this class because it promises to explore the business of blogging (that is, how to effectively monetise one’s blog), and heaven knows, the trees and the grasses know, all the people that I’m owing know, that I need money in my life!

The best part is, I’ve legit never seen very beneficial programs like this one at such affordable rates. Never!

Oh, and lest I forget, new bloggers who register stand a chance to win one year domain registration FOR FREE! The God that will bless these people is in heaven!

If you are interested in the class, please send that message on WhatsApp. And please, please don’t forget to mention that you heard about it from me πŸ™„. Maybe they’ll give me a special discount πŸ˜€.




PS: I received my allawee today, one week after others received theirs. But it was dead on arrival. Shebi if I had other means of making money I would not be such a broke ass? See why I won’t miss that class?


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