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5 Things You Do Not Want to Know About Valentine’s Day

1. Studies show that Valentine’s Day records the highest rate of suicide.

Valentine comes with a lot of expectations from the single and the dating alike. The expectations of the single revolves around the hope that somehow, cupid would perform some magic and they would have someone with whom to spend the day. The dawn of the day without any realization of this hope leaves people feeling lonely, insecure, unloved, unwanted and depressed. These negative emotions carry tons of negative energy that drains the will to live. Say no to Valentine’s Day!

2. Valentine’s Day marks the beginning of many break ups.

Last year’s Valentine’s Day was disappointing for me. I was in a relationship where I received presents very often, so my expectations for that day were high up there. I waited patiently for a call first, I no see. Then I convinced myself that he was planning a surprise, I wait tire! He called much later and I couldn’t understand why he sounded so normal. In my head, I had planned my breakup lines already.

Many single people are disappointed on Valentine’s Day but even more people in relationships are disappointed.

Because people place too much importance on Valentine’s Day and deeply believe all its sentiments, they expect too much from their partners and when these expectations are not met or are ‘undermet’, hearts are broken!

3. Self-love’s biggest enemy.

I’ve never had a memorable Valentine’s Day and I know how this has affected me.

Because I believe I should be receiving love from someone on that day, I place too much value on how others make me feel and pay no attention to how I should treat myself.

Not receiving love affects people. It grinds their self-worth and self-esteem and leaves them feeling inadequate but it shouldn’t be so.

Self-love is the most healthy love of all. It builds confidence and creates a level of boldness that love from others is incapable of giving.

So this year, I’ve planned to buy myself a present. I’m also taking myself out. Valentine’s Day might just be the day I finally taste the pizza that everyone so fondly talks about.

4. Negative effects on teenagers.

I would say teenagers are the worst but it sounds racist to me so… sigh.

You know, when teenagers believe something and are all in for it, they do it with every fiber of their being and that of their ancestors!

On Valentine’s Day, teenagers exert immense pressure on their partners, partners that they should not be having in the very first place.

They also make very bad choices. Because they are emotionally immature, they could decide to do something stupid if their expectations are not met.

Also, many teenagers, both boys and girls, lose their virginity (virginity that they should keep for their wedding night)

…and it is my business because I am their elder sister!

5. Everyday could be Valentine’s!

This image says it all:

And if you do not get the message, read it again until you do!

Featured image from The Odyssey Online

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