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My Sister is Embarrassed of Me!

My mother and other significant personalities have been pressuring me to come back home for the weekend since I have been away for about three weeks now. One would think it’s been three months, the way they make it sound.

Being the good girl that I am, I decided to come over. Not just to see them but also to scan and save my credentials online and put my CV together because, I’m applying for jobs already. Even though there are stuff I want to invest in, the money has to come from somewhere.

I’ve been considering a lot of options lately, since with my skills I can work almost anywhere, and among the top three, teaching sits on a diamond throne. Until recently as I said in this post, I never saw myself as a teacher. Never.

But now,

There’s a feeling in my tummy

Going boombada boombada boom,

It means that I am teaching

And I’m loving it too.

I was scanning possible secondary schools I could teach at and my little sister’s school was top on the list. Even though it is quite new, I have a feeling they pay their staff quite well. Just to be sure, I decided to ask my little sister. Yes, the one I mentioned here.

She looked at me, the way rebellious teenagers look at their parents when they feel embarrassed in public, and asked with so little effort to hide the irritation in her voice,

“Wait, are you planning to come teach at my school?”

“Yes na!”

“Oh my God, NFG please don’t. Do you know how embarrassing that would be? How can you be teaching in my school? Then you’ll be telling them how I behave at home and all? Jesus! I beg you, please.”

I was looking at the human being talking, thinking of something savage to reply her with when the good girl in me decided to put her fears to rest.

“Don’t worry, we could pretend not to know each other. I will ignore you and you could do same. I’ll keep my mouth shut, you only have to do the same”

But she wasn’t listening,

“Wait, you’ll be taking the junior section, right? It would be better that way. Oh my God! There’s no way they won’t know you are my sister, Busola knows you, so does Crystal and Favour.”

At this point I was only amazed and I could only just laugh.

You see, my sister is seven years my junior. So yes, I understand that she is a teenager like every other who is desperate to protect her ‘reputation’.

But I’m still curious, why do people feel a certain necessity to protect themselves from their own family when they are in public, especially where they are accepted as a ‘norm’ in itself? Why do they prefer to be who others approve of at the detriment of the ones they love the most?

This reminds me of stories I have heard. Stories of people who disown their mothers or other family members in public, simply because they looked not-so-presentable. These stories make me cringe. I mean, this is a mother who sacrificed more than too much to get you someplace in life. Or a brother who has never done anything else other than protect you and wish you well. And then because of strangers, people who would run from you if you did not have the ‘success’ you have, you would throw your identity to the gutter, just for their approval? This beats me.

Back to the story at hand.

I understand, though, that I have a terrible sense of fashion, unlike my always chic little sister who is a naturally gifted designer. But overall, I’m actually really cool, or so I think. So I don’t just get why she is this desperate to not have me teach at her school.

If anything, I’m only more interested in that school of hers. I will teach there, if she like make she faint!

PS: I’m in a state of immeasurable quagmire. I CANNOT FIND MY TESTIMONIALS!


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