A Slice of Me: Me vs Politics

I grew up around a lot of politics.

My father was, and still is, a hardcore PDP member. Before PDP came, he was in a party called SDP, I think. He left his job as a teacher to go into politics full time and even got himself a political office where he served for only about six months before Abacha sort of dissolved them. My father was a great politician. But it’s evils caught him too. I was not even born at that time, but I was told.

But I digress, this post is not about my father.

Like I said, I grew up around a lot of politics. Even though at this time my father was long out of office and was now as poor as a a typical Nigerian poor man, there was still lots of politics to go round.

I realized, very early in life that politics was a dirty game. A dangerous and uncertain gamble. It was like the wild forest, each animal for himself, and if you do not hunt, you’ll be hunted.

Unconsciously, I developed a mental wall around myself where politics was concerned. I blocked out information that had anything to do with politics, resulting in a politico-phobia that has grown with me over the years.

Till date, I fear politics. Maybe because I have seen its power as well as its weakness and its ability to bring out the best in a man or the worst in him.

Unfortunately, leadership positions come naturally to me, even though I would rather not have them and have never willingly campaigned for one. They choose me. When I can, I run 🏃. When I can’t, I take the burden till I’m done.

What I do not exactly know, is if I make a good leader or not!


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