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Must I Wait for a Man Before My Life Begins?

I’m pained. I’m vexed. And I’m sad. Let me tell you why:
My little sister asked me with excitement to guess which university my parents want her to go. She is in SS2.
I guessed right. It’s a new private university very close to where we live. And their school fees per semester is enough to cover my fees from my first year to my last year in school, with enough change for pocket money. No jokes!
I laughed at the fees and jokingly said to my father that since he had enough money to pay that kind of fees, then there should be enough to allow me get a second degree in law, or a Master’s in journalism. He laughed but his words broke my heart.
My father stated, matter-of-factly, that the only thing he would give to any daughter of his is a first degree after which she MUST bring a husband home. Any further schooling will be taken care of by her husband.
To say that I was shocked is an understatement!
You see, my older sister got married when she was still serving, like I am now. My father was thrilled! And so that has become the yardstick for all my father’s daughters. He wants me to get married before my life begins. Simply because he believes that if I get a masters, men will be scared of me and I might never get a man!
I was angry. So I asked him, what if I do not get a man, I should waste at home, waiting for a man to come and permit my life to begin? His yes wouldn’t have been louder if a speaker had been held to my ears!
I’m disappointed!
But there was hope, because my mother did not agree with him. She even offered to put me through school if she is able to. See why I love this woman and why I should thank her?
But even at that…
Am I supposed to beg someone to marry me? Or just forget about furthering school? Or try and do it any way I can and ignore his ridiculous point of view?
I’m angry. And for a minute I was determined to do it on my own, with my mother’s help of course, and not give him a dime when I make dough! 😑 😑

I am a Nigerian graduate documenting the perks and pains of being a graduate without long leg in Nigeria; while also contributing her quota to make the world a better place. Lets be friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You'll find me there as Naijafreshgraduate.


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