Corpers' Lodge

Under The Sun and Unnecessary Wahala

See ehn, it just looks like Nigerians like to see people suffer. I have no idea what else to call this.

Yesterday, they asked all Corps members working in government schools to come around today. Since morning, we’ve been here, struggling to be attended to. You give them your identity card, they get your state code from it and then sign on your number when they see it on their list.

They say it is for state allowance but I have still not understood why this is necessary. I mean, the list is comprehensive, it has all your details on it, including account details. But no, they cannot use technology to ease stress on our part and theirs, they must just see us queue and sweat. Just look at us!

See my dusty shoes.

And all those pure water bags you see, na we drink am. People selling pure water sold a lot today!


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