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My Confidence Starter Pack

Have you ever been in a place full of intelligent, beautiful/handsome and confident people who all know each other, with you being the only stranger? No? Yes?

Today I attended CDS (Community Development Service) here for the first time. I gave a full description of the kind of Corps members here in this post.

It was awkward. I had all eyes on me as I walked over to them. I sat alone, playing with my phone but listening keenly to what was going on. When they started a game, I answered questions. My group won. A lot happened but I’m only going to tell you the important things.

I learnt a valuable lesson today. The me that I know is shy and extremely introverted. I know this very well. So as I got ready to leave the house today, I put in my best to look my best. I looked my best. The result was a confidence I never knew I could ever have. It made the whole new girl thing less stressful for me. Even though not knowing anyone was not fun at all, I was able to make new friends. We even took photos!

I’m proud of myself. I’ve come a long way from the tortoise in the shell to a booming peacock!

So this post is a little confidence starter pack.

1⃣ Look great. If you are anything like me, then simplicity and comfort are all you care about when dressing up. It’s cool but sometimes, you need a little extra to boost confidence. A huge part why I did not feel bad about this first day was that I looked good. My makeup was on fleek, my hair was great and I FELT good about it all. It’s difficult, I think, to feel low spirited when you look great. I just don’t see the possibility!

2⃣ Be free and open minded. One of the major problems introverts face is starting conversations, but a greater problem is responding to others who are bold enough to begin a conversation! Based on what happened today, I can say that it requires deliberate efforts to consciously decide to respond positively to friendly gestures.

3⃣ Smile. Sometimes, the indifferent face of the introvert or the shy can be confused for an angry or sad face. Trust me, I can tell. When I was in primary school, I had an episode with my teacher. That day, he had simply called me out to the front of class, where the form teacher’s desk was and flogged me. When I asked why I’d been flogged, he’d scolded me for always walking around with an angry face. I had been quiet, because I did not know how to tell him that I was only carrying my indifferent face. Poor me! So just smile, so people don’t mistake you for a snub.

4⃣ Be confident. Yes, because all theory and no practicals equals zero.

So there’s a summary of my day which would be incomplete without mentioning, I have a job interview on Wednesday!🤗


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