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My PPA: Nassarawa

My new PPA is a Junior Secondary School. It has three classes, JSS 1, 2 and 3 with two arms of A and B each. I am to take Literature in a school where they have never had that subject. When I first arrived, there were no materials. My HOD, a nice Igbo woman with a little baby, asked me to get myself some materials. Two days ago, I bought a Literature text. I am also supposed to have a lesson note which I was also made to buy for myself. I am scared, I hope I will not have to pay myself at month end?

Anyway, before all these, yesterday was my official day of resumption. Actually, it was Monday but since I went to Keffi that day, Tuesday has it.

I arrived work at exactly 7:41am. I signed in and went to the principal’s office to await instruction from my HOD. She had gone to the hospital to immunize her son so I had to wait in the principal’s office. While I waited the principal made small talk. He made tea from himself and attended to the little things that everyone brought up. A while later this girl came in. She was tall and pretty with light skin and full red lips. I knew she was Igbo then it was confirmed when the principal called her Okeke. The way she spoke to him, I knew these two have met elsewhere. She was direct and, somewhat rude to him. He did not appear to mind either. I would find out later that she was a Corps member who knew his house so well. #wink

My principal is a Hausa man from Kebbi State. His speech is heavily decorated with feofle (people) and pone (phone) and pinance (finance). He called my HOD to tell her I was waiting for her. Then he saw my phone. It appears he was taken away by the fingerprint sensor at the back of my phone. He asked me which phone it was, I told him. He showed me his own and was bothered that his pouch was not as elegant as mine. Then he called the guy who sells him phones and asked him about my phone and his, which one was better. His speaker was loud, so I heard the guy explain that mine had more memory and was more expensive than his with about 10k. When the call was over the man kept complementing my phone. I suggested that he gives the guy his present phone, add some money and get mine. he welcomed the idea.

Soon, this man was speaking languages I did not understand:

“You are a pretty lady
You have a pointed nose
You are not bleaching but maintaining your nature
You are a lady to be proud of

I really like you”

Honestly I was surprised. This was my first day on the job but here I was, shamelessly being harassed by an old principal. I told you guys how he was flashing me because I did not go to his house, abi? He kept asking me when I would make it because I need to know his house in case of emergency. Imagine. For heaven’s sake, can a person not work in peace without unnecessary sexual complexities?

The vice principal, my HOD and other staff told me about him yesterday. They all said the same thing. Than the man is a chronic womaniser and a shameless one at that. It’s just disheartening!

Anyway, I avoided him like a plague when I arrived this morning. I looked for a spot in the staff room and got to completing my first lesson note. At about 11am, this man called me to his office. Do you know, brothers and sisters in the Lord, this man had a replica of my phone on his desk! Apparently, he had actually taken my advice, what I said jokingly, and had given them his phone, added money and gotten mine.

Now ehn, I am just fearing anyhow. And I’m wondering whether the man is OK or if he just has too much money to throw around so much to get a new phone just like that.

You people should be praying for me, Biko. I am fearing my boss the principal womaniser!


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