I Attended a Wedding on Saturday (2)

Saturdays are for weddings. But the last three days to the d-day are for work: making chin chin, slaughtering, preparing and frying meat, and other basic wedding things. This is mostly in Nigerian weddings sha, where the family members are the wedding planners. And this is also used as a yardstick to measure friends that ‘care’ as they are the ones to readily avail themselves for the plenty work. Those that do not show up are either haters or frenemies.

Well, this wedding was my boyfriend’s cousin’s.

You see, we’ve been together for a year now and every body knows we are dating. By everybody, I mean the whole of my family, his brothers, friends and parents, too. He comes to my house frequently and even visit them when I’m not around. However, I have not been taken to his house formally. I do not even know where his house is located (though everyone else seems to know). I know his dad but have never seen his mom. Get it right, his people know about us, his parents and all, (probably because they know my family and me) but there has not been a formal “Mom, Dad, meet NFG.” On both sides.

I hope this is not confusing?

Now, this wedding was his cousin’s, a guy I’m quite fond of. On Friday when my mother went to their house (aside our relationship, my mother is family friends with this cousin’s direct family), my boyfriend called, wondering why I did not come along with my mother to “at least show face.”

I didn’t go there because my mind kept asking, “as who?” Besides, I do not want to be one of those girls that seem desperate to show their wife materialness.

So here is my question: based on the above explanation, was I wrong to not have been there. Or am I expecting too much?


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