I Hate Being Sick

For days, I’ve been silent. No post, comments or likes. I hope I did break many hearts πŸ’•? πŸ˜€

Well, I finally did all the necessary documentation and I’m back home again. I came back on Wednesday.

The journey back home was terrible. About an hour and thirty minutes into the journey, our car broke down on Ninth Mile in Enugu. The driver had to go look for spares of the faulty parts in town. As we waited, I fell sick. It’s funny but I think I have motion sickness. For the third time in a journey, I felt strong nausea, freezing cold and headache that felt like my head was a mortar where wedding pounded yam was being made. It was terrible.

Thankfully, I had Flagyl and Panadol and the simply amazing Bitter Kola. That thing works like magic against nausea. It’s just amazing.

After the repairs, the bus got back on the road but about an hour later, the bus stopped again. I was still feeling very weak and so I sat in the car as we waited. Funny thing is, no woman in that bus gave a damn about me. None of them, all elderly, said as much as a sorry. Not that I feel entitled or anything, but, oh well. The men were the ones showing some concern. In fact, there was this handsome grandpa that I think was going to Abuja to see his grandchildren. He had this bag with cornflakes, chips, gala and other things I could not see. He offered me one Gala and got me pure water. I don’t know how he knew I had not eaten. When I told my mother this when I got home, she called him an angel πŸ˜‡.

This time, we were close to one of their offices so they switched the bus for us.

The journey was smooth then on. My boyfriend (I should get a name for him already) came to pick me at the bus stop. I got home by about 9pm.

The following morning, I fell sick again but it did not pin me down until yesterday. I was vomiting yellow. I hate vomiting!

It turned out I was really high on malaria wit three pluses. Anambra mosquitoes are Igbos, they like money too much, money they make you spend on drugs and injections.

Right now, my ass hurts. But I’m not cold or irritated by slight smells anymore. I now have appetite and my head almost feels normal now.

I had commitments. I’m sorry for not having delivered already. My week has just been busy and terrible.

I’ll be reporting at Nassarawa on Tuesday.

I am still amazed, though, at the wonders of Bitter Kola.


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