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Last Days in Anambra

Today was anything but amazing.

I woke up by 8, got ready and left to the secretariat abound 9. The NYSC secretariat here really looks somehow: like an abandoned uncompleted building. The road that leads to the tattered building is messed up with deep potholes filled with muddy water and Floating dirt. It’s just so discouraging that such a place should look that way. This is a place where people from different parts of the country come. What impression do they leave with? I just wondered….

I entered a shop to print out the relocation approval page but the man said #200. The money I was with would not be enough to get the printing done and still take me home but I managed. How I managed? Don’t worry.๐Ÿ˜

The woman that attended to me was a nicely ‘un-nice’ woman. She made me walk too far to print and photocopy, twice. Then she gave me a disclaimer that my boss the reverend father was to sign.

You see, my boss the reverend father paid me for October and November. So technically, I am owing my boss the reverend father.

I came back and fell ill. My head was aching, a part of my neck hurting, my stomach was hot as ๐Ÿ”ฅand I was freezing.

Tonight, I went to get my boss the reverend father’s signature on the form I was given earlier. I was surprised to see: NFG is neither owing the research Institute or…, I support her relocation!

Am I the only one sensing anger in that last phrase?

The only thing remaining is to get my LGI’s signature too. Then I’ll be done and on my way to Nassarawa!


My neck still hurts.

Tomorrow is my boss the reverend father’s birthday. I would leave tomorrow but no, I cannot miss out on the many foods that will be for chops tomorrow. Besides, the governor is coming here tomorrow to campaign. So, till Wednesday.

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