Corpers' Lodge

Sad Highlights

💄I told my boss the reverend father about my redeployment today. His reaction? Story for another day!

💄💄 I told my colleagues this evening. they feel betrayed because we were together this afternoon but I did not mention it. We were supposed to have a meeting this evening so I told one of them right before it began. She did not believe me, until father said it in the meeting. The other one was told much later. They are not taking it well.

💄💄💄 Enyi is not happy. I told her yesterday. She feels she is now going to be the only Corps member here and it hurts her. Today in church, Her Amen was so loud every time the pastor said prayers for people expecting their miracle jobs. I was not understanding. She still has her job with my boss the reverend father, I am the one that should even be praying for a miracle job in the new place I’m going. Abi?

💄💄💄💄💄 I’m going to the secretariat tomorrow. Pray for me, I don’t know what for…just pray!



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