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Journey to Anambra

So after much thought, I decided to go to Nassarawa. Before that, I have to go back to Anambra to get clearance.
I came to the park very early this morning. I had bought my ticket yesterday and specifically asked for seat 3. I was the first to arrive and took my place. My boyfriend came around to keep me company. He can be sweet like that😆.
So as they loaded the bus, I was asked to step down as they tied one shapeless sack in front of me. I could not seat there anymore so I went to the last seat at the back, with my bag beside me.

Because the bus is not full and there are many empty seats.

This journey might turn out boring as there are no prospects that there would be any gist between these my seatmates:

How sad….
I only have two prayers: that we arrive safely and that this journey does not turn out to be as hopeless as the last one.
Pray for me.

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