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I Have Been Redeployed. To Go Or Not To Go?

I would say good morning but right now, there is nothing good about this morning. Let me tell you why:

Yesterday, I bought a new 📱. But I just hate the battery, it has been breaking my heart since yesterday. Yes, I charged it fully before I began using it, so no, I do not understand why it is refusing to have sense. In fact, I am already thinking of how to sell it and buy a new one, maybe the one I was using before.

Secondly, I was on my own yesterday, preparing to go buy the phone when I received a call saying I should check my NYSC dashboard. Lo and behold, Brothers and sisters in the Lord, I have been redeployed to Nassarawa State!

See me see trouble o! 😱

The annoying thing is, I did not do this. My mother took it upon herself to do this when she heard of the robbery. And, if I redeploy, I automatically forfeit two months allowances!

I know that I have constantly complained of my boss the Reverend Father, but I love my job and he could be really nice when he wants to.

My mother just really wants me to be close to home at all costs. And, I have learned the hard way to always listen to my mother. Somehow she is always right and many times that I have gone against her advice, I have paid dearly. And yesterday, I now went and read one post by Jude Idada that closed with: the eyes of a mother seeth all things. So, the kind fear wey I dey fear no be here.

I must sha confess that I have thought about all the possibilities that could just be waiting for me in the new place. Think about it, I will have a new PPA, new colleagues and a brand new boss🤗!


Despite the fear, the ‘what ifs’ and the uncertainties, deep down, I want to remain in Anambra, with my boss the Reverend Father and my colleagues.

Look at this thing very well. What do you think?


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