My Mother weds My Boyfriend

Yesterday, my mother told me she wanted to show me something. She directed me to go bring something from the store room. When I brought it and opened it, it was pots and a frying pan, just like these:


Then she asked me to get another carton from her bed side. It was plates in lovely colours, just like these:


Then she went to her room herself and came back with a beautiful lace material, it looked and felt expensive. This material is close to what that one looks like:


I asked what all these were for.

“Your wedding,” came the reply.

See ehn, I was ‘shook’!


Yes, I do have a boyfriend who is known by the whole family, but no, I never mentioned marriage to my mother.

But that is not even the problem. The problem is, whenever I think about marriage, I feel a strange kind of fear. I am not sure if I am afraid of the idea of marriage itself or the person I picture myself marrying.

Anyway, get ready people. The invitations will soon be out:

My Mother weds My Boyfriend


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