My Mother is Increasing My Wife-Materialness!

You see, I can peel yam. I can cut yam, whether it be for frying or boiling. I can boil yam, watch it till it is done, and get the mortar ready for pounding. See, I can pound yam…alone!

pounding yam

I can also make soup: okra, egusi or vegetable, ogbono, and even ofni. I can make them all.


Also, I can cook rice, white, green (fried rice) or yellow (jollof).


I can make porridge or pottage. I can also cook beans, with yam or plantain or whatever.


Basically, I can cook all things through wife-materialness that strengthens me


I have never made moi-moi before, because I did not know how to!

You see, my mother and I had an episode the last time I was home. She had asked me to wash beans for moi-moi. I had soaked the beans, for more than 30mins!

She was flabbergasted, to say the least. You know how mothers get when you do something irritating, abi? She had screamed her head off, surprised that someone as old as I was did not know how moi-moi is made. I felt bad but could not keep quiet. I lashed out at her too, I reminded her that moi-moi is not one of the popular foods in our house: we rarely make it. Besides, whenever it has been made, she has always been the one to do it.

To cut the long story short, the beans soaked too much water and had an odd texture that I really did not enjoy.

So yesterday, she brought a bowl of beans to me and announced that I was going to make moi-moi because she wants to make sure I can, and I was going to do it without her help!


I laughed out loud. It was hilarious, really.

You see, my mother likes my boyfriend a lot. And lately, she has been acting odd, trying all her best to increase my wife-‘materialness’. E tire me!

But, I digress…

So I took the bowl of beans and set to work. She left it all to me, only giving tips where necessary. I have to confess, it was interesting working with her like that.

When I had washed, ground and mixed everything up, I brought it to her to taste. She refused and said she was only going to taste it when the food was done.

Well, it came out looking glam. Tasted great too.


No, these are not it. I would have given you guys the pleasure of seeing my very first moi-moi but you remember that my phone was stolen, right? Keep praying For me to get a new one. But before then, allow me to just say:



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