I ‘Feel’ At Home

So yesterday, being my first day back home, Mama allowed me some space. Even though it was Sunday, she allowed me to sleep about an hour more after we woke up (that never happens on Sundays because Mama makes sure everyone is ready for service on time). On Sundays, I prefer cooking before going to church because I love my Sundays stress-free. Yesterday, Mama did the cooking before we left for church. Since she got back before me, she made my father’s poundo yam, too. I did not complain, because I knew it was just a welcome package, I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Today was more normal. I was awake when others were. I went out and came back home just as she got back from work and she wanted to know why I had not made lunch.

But I knew I was really back home when this woman made me start making stew by 8pm this night. This was after dinner and this stew is for tomorrow fa.

As if the day could not get funnier, my boss called, asking for a paper I ought to have submitted already. I am not understanding… shebi I am on break/leave/holiday/vacation?

I am not understanding!


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