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My NYSC Experience: Azaya (7)

Road to Gembu…

After Mr. Vincent gave us all our final posting, he told us to come back the next morning with our things and collect our transport allowance to our various destinations. The transport allowances were calculated based on the distance. Bali is about four and half hours by road from Jalingo while Gembu is about seven hours. So, logically I was to get a lesser transport allowance than Obinna. No problem.

On getting there the next morning, we were given our transport money and dispersed but Mr. Vincent told me to wait behind. Apparently, the accommodation arrangements at the hospital in Bali were not as promised. In fact, it was non-existent.

So, I waited behind while he made new arrangements for a new posting. Eventually, a private hospital in Gembu was willing to take a new Corper pharmacist from the HSMB. That was how Obinna who had already left for the park was called and told to wait for me so that I would join him, since I was now going to Gembu.

I woke up that morning expecting to make a trip to Bali but I ended up leaving Jalingo around 12pm for a 7-hour journey to Gembu, the coldest place in Nigeria.

Of course Vincent had already regaled us with stories about Gembu but I still didn’t expect what I saw. For someone who was coming from Jos, I took the claims of people who said Gembu was cold with a pinch of salt. I didn’t think anywhere else in Nigeria could be as cold as Jos, let alone colder.

But I was in for surprise…


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