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My NYSC Experience: Azaya (6)

Posting and other sundry matters…

On my posting letter, I was posted to the Health Services Management Board (HSMB) in Jalingo. I and a few others got to their office on the same day but they had already closed for the day so we were told to come back the next day.

On getting there the next day, we had to wait for some time for other Corpers posted there to join us. We were three pharmacists posted to the HSMB and the guy we met started regaling us with stories about the various places around the state we could be posted to. The guy (Vincent is his name) was very friendly and jovial, and he talks a lot too. He made the waiting bearable with his tales. He told us only one of us will be posted in Jalingo and since it was to a Muslim Clinic, they’d have to post the only muslim guy among us. So, he told I and the other guy ( Obinna) that we would be posted out of Jalingo. He said one of us will go to Gembu and the other to Bali.

At the end, Obinna was posted to an NGO hospital in Gembu while I was posted to Bali.

But as things turned out, I was still going to go to Gembu…


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