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My PPA is Driving Me Crazy!

I am overwhelmed these days. No, in a bad way. I hardly have time to do anything else that is not work related, 24/7. For example, right now, there are two topics on my desk, both of which are supposed to be done and dusted by Friday and ready for journal publication. In between these, I have over 10 articles that need editing for a magazine publication coming up soon (for which I am also supposed to write two articles for) also before Friday.


Not to sound ungrateful, thank you, God, that I am not idle. Thank you that I have something doing that I actually enjoy. Thank you.


If you are reading this and you are Nigerian and you have not served yet, then listen and listen well: when the time comes for you to serve, run away from private institutions. Run as you would flee from a very crazy mad woman. Don’t look back.

I do not have a life of my own. I cannot see a movie or go through other blogs on the Reader or even sleep without feeling guilty, because I have too much work to be done.


See, I have not been home since I came here while other corps members keep going home like they’re going to their backyard. Because they are in schools where their whole time doesn’t get squeezed out against their wish.

Yesterday, I told my boss the Reverend Father that I’d like to go home next week. He first of all pretended like he did not hear me, then he asked me to come talk about it later. We had a meeting last night after which he said,

“You can’t go home right now. Wait till November. Why do you want to go home, anyway?”

I was not joking when I replied,

“If I stay any longer, I would go crazy. I need to go home and suck my mother’s breast!”



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