I Must Love Nigeria Again

I made this post long ago. But I today got me feeling this way again. So here goes:

“Is it just me, or is loving Nigeria something I find almost impossible? I have tried, I swear. I try to ignore many things, because that is all I can do. What else is there to do? So we go on social media and rant about all the things that are sooooo wrong? Yes. Because here, in this country, that is the best we can do. There is no one to hear your cries. Cries of pain and fear. Cries of lack and want. Cries of forgotten hearts…

I know that no country exists without its own faults. Every nation comes with its own flaws. But Nigeria seems to be wayyy outta line. And little or nothing is being done about the state of affairs. Everyday ought to begin with a golden ray of hope: hope that the day might turn out better than the previous day; hope that one more step could take us there. And fear: fear of stopping because the next step might be the one that works. Yes.

But these are the things that make us Nigerians. These are the things that make us who we are: a strong resilient people, never giving up, made strong in our suffering. So we pray to God, the Supreme. And we ask him to help us love our country. I must love Nigeria in Jesus’ name!

…So we will wake up tomorrow, clear the worry, tiredness, fear and sleep from our eyes, and prepare to face the giants that will come our way because…WE ARE MADE OF IMPENETRABLE!

Yes. I must love Nigeria…so help me God!”


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