The Irony of Life

= > Remember how I told you guys about how my love life was on a pendulum? Well, things have not improved.

=> Last night, I called home. I spoke to my sister, mother and father. Enyi just watched me from her bed.

=> When we first came here, Enyi was single, I was in a ‘serious’ relationship.

Now, Enyi is in a relationship and I think I am single.

So here is the twist:

#> I still have my mother alive. Enyi would love that!

#> Enyi has the sweetest boyfriend ever. I would really love that!

I envy her relationship + She envies that I still have my mother = LIFE

Here is a little something for today: sometimes, you might not get the things that you want. They might pass you by and go to the person by your side. It’s life. It’s part of the whole process of living. The most important thing is knowing to keep keeping on. Understand that giving up is not an option. Even when you forget, remind yourself of it, regularly and constantly.

I know my relationship is not going to work, not at this level where we are. But I remain there. Why? I do not know. So don’t be like me, remaining in a bad situation even though you know it’s hopeless. Remind yourself that you deserve better and work toward achieving what is better.

It is true that some situations are unchangeable. Enyi can never get her mother back. But there is always the possibility of getting other good things of life.

So today, make that decision to get better. Because you deserve the best.

Life na jeje.

Life na turn by turn.

And hard work pays


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