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My NYSC Experience: Azaya (5)

Other Camp Activities…

For some people, camp is boring while for others it’s the ultimate fun. For me, I think that Camp is what you make out of it. Two people can be in the same camp and have extremely opposite experiences.

I joined the martial arts group in camp as part of my extra curricular activity. I have no idea why I joined. Maybe for the fitness, because I have absolutely no intention of using any skill learnt there on another human. I think it’s that and also because it didn’t involve just passively listening to boring lectures.

Between the martial arts classes in the mornings after parade, clinic duties and snooker in the evenings, my stay in camp was pretty much interesting. I decided to enjoy it and I made sure I did.

Towards the end of camp, I briefly considered redeploying to Akwa Ibom state but I somehow talked myself out of it. I figured that the cost of living in the north is way lower than in the south and the meagre ‘alawee’ being paid us would serve me better here in the north rather than in the south. Besides, Youth Corpers are better appreciated up here than down there.

Looking back, I think it was a very good decision I made. The experience gained from my PPA is not something I can put a price to.

Almost all the corpers in camp wanted to be posted to Jalingo. In the camp clinic, we were told that over 90% of us were going to be posted to Jalingo. Only a few of us would leave the Capital city. I was among the few who left the Capital and I did in a very round about and sudden way…

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