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Reminisce: Four Years of University and Spending

A few weeks after I finally got back home from school, I found myself in a situation. I was going to be at home for months before being mobilised for my compulsory service to my country and I was going to be bored. The kind of boredom that gets you appreciating the beauty of cobwebs on the wall. I knew I could not allow that, I needed something to keep me busy. So I decided to start up a popcorn business. I researched well, found out the price for the machine and all else I needed, scouted the area for a good location and planned my business strategy. I had done all these already before I actually gave a thought to the fact that I had no capital.

When in school, we always complain about how there is no money, even when what we actually mean is that what we have is not as much as we would rather have. I remember that my sister had advised me to get a separate account to save money, even just #2,000 a month. If I had done that, I would have had close to #100,000 when I finished school, enough capital to start my business, with change to spare. I did not have a plan, a future plan.


This is one of the things many students do not understand. It is true that most times, we do not have too much. But it is also true that most times, we actually have enough (with the exception of those who REALLY do not have enough). I hope I’m confusing you?

So what do you do while in school to help you when you’re out of school?

Personally, I wish I had saved more, no matter how hard it must have been. I mean, thinking about it now, 2k was not really too big to put away every month. And I wish I had learnt something, braiding or something, just anything that could generate money. And I wish I had known about Earnest, a company that provides a better way to refinance student loans. Paying off student loans is a big obstacle for students and graduates, and I know a lot of my classmates for whom it must have been of help.”

I did get to start my business, though. How I did it? Story for another day.

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