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Hello, people of God.

Two things are bothering me today. First off, I’ve been having this fear that the domain name may soon be taken if I do not take quick actions to make it mine. This has made me uncomfortable in many ways. So I’ve been seeing how best to do that and as I searched I saw something that caused my second worry.

Did you know that there are two wordpresses: and I found, in fact, that is the ‘original wordpress.’ Apparently, was built by the co-founder of So I decided to weigh the two and from the way I see it, has more ‘advantages’ than in many ways. I am currently weighing the possibility of exporting my account to

But I have my fears: would I lose my stuff? Or would I still be able to interact with Dattaragurl or Heartsinink or Deshi the way I do? Does even have such a community platform? Besides, all the good deals offers would not be of use if I don’t exactly have good enough traffic.

What to do?


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