Corpers' Lodge,  Journal

Alcohol and I

So for a while, Enyi and her boyfriend have been my only friends here. One day when we went out, we got talking about how Enyi and I do not take alcohol. Somehow, the talk got to creamy alcoholic drinks which Enyi said she had tasted. In a feat of excitement, I asked her boyfriend to buy me one of those because I wanted to get high.

Today, Enyi brought it back with her from the weekend she went to spend.


I am still on it but here is my first alcohol diary.

What does it taste like?

The first thing I feel in my mouth is the flavour. Quite inviting. However, it’s followed closely by the strong smell of alcohol. I don’t like it, I mean the smell. And then I swallow and it’s hot. I don’t like that either. When the heat in my throat goes down, all I feel is creamy sweetness. I like that one. #takes another sip of the cream#

How do you feel?

I think my head is aching. If it’s not then I think it’s the heat in my throat, throbbing. I’m not sure how I feel about that. #takes a long, long, sip#

Would you like this again?

#Takes a long drink#

#tightens my eyes#

No. never.

#finishes the whole damn thing#


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