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My NYSC Experience: Azaya (3)


I shared a small room with four bunk beds with seven other males. Since I was among the first to get to the room, I promptly colonised one of the up bunks, and so did my two other new friends.

We had interesting characters in that room, from one Solomon who was always lamenting about how he trained himself in school and how he was really broke, to one we called Mr conscience who said his conscience will not allow him go and take food twice at the food hall but who never failed to partake in eating the second helping from others who had no such conscience and then to the most interesting of all, Mazi!

I have forgotten his real name but we all called him Mazi! (Seriously, you have to exclaim the name). He was the stereotypical Igbo man. He was everything you can think of in the typical Igbo man. Loud, confident, brash, funny, thick accent, the whole nine yards!

And he can lie! Jesus! Mazi! can lie!!!

Then we also had Suleiman, the only Muslim in the room and the peacemaker. I think he was the eldest and basically turned the room into an extended family for all of us. He was cool, calm, funny when he wanted to, and basically made sure we got along well with each other. And he was always the one prompting Mazi! All he had to do was concoct one lame story and then ask Mazi! “abi no be so?” and Mazi! will take up the tale from there. It doesn’t matter the topic, Mazi! always had something to say about it.

After about a day and half of avoiding the clinic, I finally went and put down my name. I guess it was partly a sense of duty and partly a little guilt. I mean, we had over 3000 camp members and less than 30 health professionals covering them in total. A rooster was created and we had daytime and night-time duty shared. The clinic duty helped me though. For days I didn’t want to go to the parade ground, all I had to do was go to the camp clinic to relax, hehe.

I also enrolled myself in a martial arts training program. I deliberately avoided joining any health related group. Something outside your specialty for a change…
So yeah, I have 3 weeks’ worth of skills in martial arts. Hehehe.

But away from all that. Lets talk about Mazi!…

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