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How My Boss Just Broke My Heart

You must have noticed a milestone on my blog since a few days ago tagged: number of days before I see my first facebook celebrity. Well, my dreams just came crashing.

Sometime last month, my boss, the reverend father, said he wanted us to have a one-day training on creative writing and if we knew anyone who could take the class, we should let him know.

I am quite active on facebook more than any other social network, so I have come across many writers on there with one of my personal favourites being Eketi. I like her wit and jolly nature, and that priceless smile. So I called her.

We agreed on a price and a date. All seemed under control until yesterday. My boss was supposed to send her the money before she comes, which he agreed to but suddenly changed his mind yesterday, saying she should come before being paid.

Eketi said she doesn’t work like that. I even offered to send her transport money from my personal account so that she would just come, she said she would even prefer to come all the way from Abuja to Anambra just to see me that to do so because one man says she must.

Any way, now I won’t get to see my facebook celebrity because of business philosophies and ego.

I do understand, however, that different people do business differently. The ability to compromise is important. Still, some people are never meant to do business because one is not ready to compromise for the other.

Since I no longer have a celebrity to count down to, let me jejely count down to when my year as a corps member comes to an end. I can’t wait to retire from this naija ‘corpership’.


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