3 People Who Wear Only One Colour

Look what the web threw my way today: one colour people.

  1. Meet Elizabeth Sweetheart, a Fashion Designer who lives in Green. She reminds me of cartoon characters in Horton Hears a Who… but that character was in orange, I think.

elizabeth sweetheart fabric designer

2) Rebecca Turbow, another Fashion Designer in Grey. Sci-fi movies must have got their dress sense from her.

rebecca turbow fashion designer

3) And my personal favourite, this is Valeria “ValBlu” McCulloch, a Shoe Designer in Blue love. This one is cool.

valerie mcmulloch

I have always wanted to wear all black. Because it’s the only colour that makes any sense to me. Followed closely by turquoise. And I’ve always wondered what it would feel like. If I ever get to do it, I want to look like Valerie right here. But I have a feeling I’ll look more like this:



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