My Faith and I

Yesterday, I saw an invitation to like an atheist page on Facebook. I instantly knew I was not going to accept it, but oddly… very oddly, I felt honoured to have been invited.

This morning, I asked the person who invited me why he did. He said, “I sent it to some of my friends I figured are atheists or would be interested in such a project.”

Now he is not the first to suggest that I am an atheist and I wonder why.

I told him, “You know, like when you’re eyeing one guy but you know you won’t say yes if he asks you out. That’s how I know I won’t like the page but I was glad to be invited.”

He wanted to know why I was glad to be invited but would not like the page. I replied, “I’m a Christian



He gave a shocked reaction to that reply of mine. So now I am wondering, why did I feel so strongly not to tell him I was a Christian? And why do I still wish I had not even said it?

I have to be more faithful than I am. Seriously.

I am a Christian. Every inch of me. And I do not see myself ever not being one.


  • Clare

    Good for you. However, I just wonder why people place so much emphasis on faith when love is the greatest. Muslims, Hindus, Christians , Atheists and other religious sects can love and this is all that matters. I would choose, a hundred times over, a Hindu who loves than associate with a Christian who makes it his moral duty to judge and vice versa. So, thats that.

    • NaijaFreshGraduate

      I agree with you, Clare. It is unfortunate, however, that a lot of religious people prefer to allow their religious sentiments cloud their humanity. Creating a balance where religion teaches love, I think, is the key. Thanks dear

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