4 ways to pay yourself through university
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Four Ways to Pay Yourself Through University.

I cannot count myself among those who have gone through the needle’s eye to be able to finish school. I am, however, privileged to know a few who had to go through the struggle. It. Is. Not. Easy! So I decided to put this up and though I pray none of my readers get it that hard, it doesn’t change the fact that the struggle is real. Here goes:

#1. ENYI

Enyi is my fellow corps member here. She narrates how difficult it was for her to finish school. Her father is a peasant farmer, her mother is late, and everyone she had to look up to was occupied with more pressing issues that concerned their personal families.

How She Scaled Through: TUTORIALS!

I remember I once told you guys that Enyi is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. She is really smart and so had to use that to her advantage. She organised tutorials for her classmates and for her juniors. I imagine that she was also taking primary and secondary school students private lessons.

Now assuming Enyi attended a Federal University such as mine, she would have only to spend about #35,000 annually. Let us also assume that she charged #10,000 to take private lessons for a child and everyone who attended her tutorials was required to pay just #200 per tutorial class. I’m not quite the mathematician but I guess it wouldn’t take long to be able to raise the needed amount to pay her fees. I have to talk in assumptions because Enyi attended a state university whose fees was quite on the high side, especially for non-indigenes. So she was unable to raise six figures from this but it helped in no small measure.


Fred had an older brother who saw him through school. However, Fred’s older brother was not comfortable with the amount of dedication Fred gave his religious conferences and gatherings. On one occasion, Fred asked to be allowed to go for a particular conference that was being held in another state. His brother said no. Fred left anyway and when his brother asked him where he was, he could not lie. Hurt by the disrespectful reaction of Fred, he decided to pull his hands from taking care of Fred and his education. Fred now had to take care of himself.

How He Scaled Through: BUSINESS.

By the time this happened, Fred was already in his second year. When third year was near, he had to find a way to sustain himself and be able to pay his fees. With the little money he had on him, he went to the big Aba market in Abia state which was close to where he stayed, bought things (many things, anything), went back to Delta State and sold them. He found himself a place under a bridge and sold his wares there. Other times, he would beg shop owners who sold different wares from his (to avoid competition) to allow him station himself somewhere near them and he kept selling. Of course he got help from friends, but it also contributed a great deal to help him finish school.


Cynthia was a girl who stayed on the same block as I in my second year of University. She was a fantastic hair dresser. She could fix and braid all the latest hairstyles without sweat and was the fastest one in the business around the block.

How She Scaled Through: HER SKILL.

It was not far before she began sending money home to her mother. She was so good at what she did that her skill made a way for her. I never knew her personally so I have no idea what kind of home she came from, but I know that that girl made a lot of money by doing what she knew how to do best. The lesson here is simple, learn a skill. Learn how to make bags or tailoring or something. Just learn how to do something and do not be lazy about it.


Someone had only picked up the form by faith and every exam had been written by faith. They did not know where or when the money to go to school would come but they had faith anyway. Somehow, they got a scholarship, or someone came out of nowhere and offered to sponsor them, or they won the lottery or somehow their talent made a way for them. I guess when nothing seems to work, you go back to the source of all things. Not that you shouldn’t be with him even when the going is good, but hold on tighter. because miracles still happen everyday!

How They Scaled Through: FAITH!

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