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My First Festival in Anambra

Your corper went to a festival oo… Let me gist you.

Yesterday evening Enyi and I went out for the Nwafor Ogidi Festival that held in Ogidi, Anambra State. It was great, I must say. The streets were decorated with a very unusual number of people who had come out to watch the proceedings and performances of the masquerades. And, of course, there were masquerades everywhere, the tall, the short, the human, the animal and the abstract, like, there was one whose shape I really couldn’t decipher and that had fire coming out from where its head should have been. They were scary.

The car we were in was halted by an elephant masquerade that refused to leave the road except we paid it. We had to find it some change before we could pass.

The chilling spot we went to was filled to its brim when we got there. I tried to ignore but I couldn’t. I couldn’t just ignore the number of teenage boys and girls I saw, drinking and smoking and freely so. It was appalling. Like, how did we get here? How did we become just another set of people concerned only with making money? Because that is the only explanation for why they would agree to sell beer to minors. Besides, an African child is everybody’s child. So when did we begin to ignore children doing wrong? Honestly, some African virtues ought never to die, in my opinion.

Anyways, We sat directly in front of the live band. My ears still hurt o. The music was so loud and everyone seemed engrossed in finding new dance styles to sway their bodies. They played really cool Igbo music by the legendary Osadebe and got a few listeners spraying them while swinging their alcohol flooded bodies to the tune of the music. We ate fish pepper soup but while the guys took “33” and “Life”, Enyi and I had 1ltr hollandia yoghurt to ourselves. I think I’m going to be purging by tomorrow. My poor stomach.

Overall, it was lit.

NYSC has as one of its aims exposing people to the different cultures of Nigerians, thereby encouraging people to appreciate others’ cultures while also promoting unity in diversity.

I’m achieving the purpose and aim of NYSC and I’m proud of me!


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