My Appetite is Sinning

These days the things I want to eat are just wayyyyy out of my league. I keep having the urge to eat things I cannot see here. Even if I saw them, they’d be so expensive. This appetite of mine is bent on disgracing me!

I am ashamed of the things I have never eaten. Mostly because they are basic things most people have had (not in Naija sha). And a few days ago while talking with a friend, Pizza came up. I said I had not had a taste of it before though its number one on my foods-I’d-like-to-eat list. He was like:

download 1
You have never had pizza? Are you human?

I apologised. I had not known that not having had pizza was a crime punishable by extreme shock and a look of disgust from people.

Number 2 on the list is burger and fries. There is something about the way those fries are so straight. Its just so good to know they are not gay. And the burger, so fat, like me with all that stuffing… pure bliss! It makes me smile each time I imagine opening my mouth so wide to take a bite of sumptuous burger while filling my mouth with straight fries. I imagine it would be a taste of heaven. Amen!


I think that is it. I have wondered what Lasagna would taste like but not as much as these two.

And one more thing, I hear there are really different ‘flavours’ of pizza.


Which one would you suggest I taste first, maybe your favourite?


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