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My PPA just got better!

Every day comes with a song. I did not know today’s song till tonight, 10:36pm to be precise. I love you, so I’ll start from the beginning.

On Friday, Enyi and I summoned courage to talk to our boss about paying us state allowance for the last time. The plan was, if he gave a negative reply, we would buckle up tight for the suffer to come. And we were broke. The brokeness we were suffering from studied abroad and was speaking phonea that we did not understand. It was that bad. So we did it.

He. Said. Yes.

And tonight we saw alert. He paid us #2,000 more than the state pays! You need to see the way we danced. Oh my God!

Tomorrow is CDS (Community Development Service). I know two girls who kept taunting Enyi and I about how they were posted to my PPA but asked to be rejected because they did not like the place. I’m going to rub it in their faces, I swear.

See me, nice room, good working experience that will count for me tomorrow, and an amazing state allowance.

See my life? I don see alert. I changed my name to Godwin!

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